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About The Hermitage



As the name implies, The Hermitage is a home away from home, where toddlers aged 1.5 years to children aged 5 years take their first step on their journey to kingdom of knowledge and wisdom. We are well aware that a child is the most precious possession of parents and they would leave no stone unturned to make their life happy and successful. This is a long journey and a good school / pre-school plays an important role, as the initial formative years of a child lays the foundation for a successful and bright future. The destiny of a child is shaped both by Parents and school, so with your patronage and support, The Hermitage is quite eager to play its role in bringing out the hidden qualities and traits of your child to highest degree of perfection you would expect from any Pre-school. At the Hermitage, we ensure that every child enjoys thoroughly the time spent by him / her in the premises and him / her feel special.

Leadership Team

The Hermitage is first of a Pre-school chain being developed by the Doon Educational Society which running the famous Doon Valley High School in Indira Nagar locality of Lucknow for the past 20 years. It is being managed by a team of board members who are renowned in their own fields. We also boast a team of highly qualified and experiences staff and continually invest in their on-going training and development to ensure that they provide the best possible experience to our children.

Our Vision

At The Hermitage Pre-School we envision for your children to become active participants in, and shapers of, their worlds and to grow cognitively, socially, emotionally and globally though child based, teacher facilitated learning.

We intend to achieve our vision by:

  1. Making children’s first school experience safe, caring and comfortable

  2. Providing a learning environment conducive to stimulate children’s interests and curiosity

  3. Providing ample opportunities to promote every child’s talents

  4. Facilitating the development of children’s life skills through bonds of friendship, social interactions and celebration of diversity

  5. Inculcating a sense of self and environment in the children and encouraging them to contribute to the community 

Our Belief

At Hermitage, we believe that early years of a child have a significant impact on future learning and development. Our curriculum is highly individualized, age-appropriate and child-centric and lays a strong foundation for learning in your child, thereby preparing him/her to overcome challenges in later years.

Based on 8 key developmental areas, our curriculum helps your child achieve the following intelligences-

  1. Logical Intelligence
  2. Naturalistic Intelligence
  3. Spatial Intelligence
  4. Bodily Kinaesthetic Intelligence
  5. Musical Intelligence
  6. Interpersonal Intelligence
  7. Intrapersonal Intelligence
  8. Linguistic Intelligence



Our philosophy is to nurture children through play and support their development in a safe, caring, stimulating and above all extremely happy environment. We believe that self-confidence is the foundation on which success and happiness are built and a child’s first step to feeling confident is to understand that he / she is special.

Success is a matter of choice & not by chance. The future of your child lies in your hands

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