The school has focused its area of activity on moulding those children who are first timers in conformity with its philosophy of developing right attitude towards education right from the beginning. Therefore the school accepts children between the age of 1.5 – 5 years.

The Hermitage accepts toddlers aged 1.5 years to children aged 5 years.

  1. Registration opens in February for the next session starting in 1st week of April.
  2. Registration Form is available from The Hermitage Office during working hours on payment of requisite charges.
  3. Filled in Registration Form is to be submitted along with 2 photos of child and parents, along with copies of Birth Certificate and Proof of Residence.
  4. On a fixed day and time the Hermitage principal will interact with the child and parents and explain the relevant rules and regulations.
  5. Upon payment of required admission fee and other charges, the child will be provided with a kit comprising of stationery, Id Card, School, Diary, School Tee, etc. and will be deemed to be admitted to the school.
  6. If required School Van can also be engaged at the time of admission


The Hermitage strongly believes that young children learn effortlessly when presented with the right material and information at the right time. Taking advantage of their natural hunger to explore, construct and accomplish, and based on research of several years, Hermitage provides a strong academic base in literacy, numeracy and science. The curriculum has been designed to make children feel triumphant and confident. The Hermitage combines indigenous and imported programmes to foster well-developed skills in mathematics, reading and writing and incorporates a solid foundation in science and arts. Hermitage Pre-School has an extensive borrowing library of appropriately selected books to develop the reading habit and has adopted a daily reading habit.

The curriculum is dynamic and specially designed for different age group of children. The methodology is play way where the child learns first lessons through games and activities, learns manners, etiquettes and joys of sharing, makes friends by paying together and singing in chorus. The formal educational content is completely based on audio-video methods in Smart Class rooms. The school has a Projection room where they are initiated into their educational journey through visual means. The school library is rich in CDs, DVDs, charts and education toys. The non-formal education is imparted through a variety of activities carried out in specially designated Activity areas such as Ball Pool, Sand Pit, Pantry, Doll House, Science Corner, Computer area, Library, Concept area, etc.

Our Pre-School program consists of the following four programs-


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